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Our original 100% ceremonial-grade cacao blended with coriander and Peruvian maca root. These natural mood elevators make excellent companions to free creative flow, allowing you to unleash your inner artist free of judgment. Excellent for any creative pursuit.

We source the cacao for this blend through direct-trade relationships with a small network of family farms in Manabí, Ecuador. The cacao is raised sustainably and all steps of production are handled with reverence for the plant and respect for our partners. All spices and superfoods added are the from highest-grade sources available.

The Sacred Elements Blends were created to help you harness the qualities of each of the four sacred elements. With each blend, you will get access to a guided meditation that will assist you on your journey.


Flavor Notes | Roasted nuts, citrus


Best For | Artistic expression

Ceremonial Cacao - Element Water

€ 26,95Prijs
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