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Munay cacao extract is a concentrated extract of cacao husk. This extract contains Theobroma cacao husk, water and alcohol (35%). Theobroma Cacao is revered worldwide because its fruits are the primary ingredient in one of the most commonly consumed delicacies in the world: Chocolate.


Traditional use:

Consuming cacao regularly can have many positive effects on human health. Cacao:

contains flavonoids, which may help to lower blood pressure and regulate blood flow.

contains Theobromine, which may positively affect mood.

contains Epichatechin, which may reduce inflammation and can play a role in muscle regeneration.

contains Caffeine, which can raise energy levels.


Because of its texture, the hard shell enclosing the Cacao is not used for chocolate. It’s full of plant actives that are full with potential health benefits that remain largely unused in the chocolate industry. We use organically certified cacao husk as a base material for this extract.


Production process:

This Cacao extract is designed to convey the entire character of a plant while keeping convenience and ease-of-use in mind.


The plants are extracted with ultrasound under strictly regulated processes in which the temperature never surpasses 38 degrees Celsius. We concentrate this product at ambient temperatures as well. This production method guarantees that beneficial bioactive plant compounds stay intact and remain in their natural synergy.


This full spectrum Cacao extract has a long shelf-life because it contains 35% alcohol, which functions as a preservative and suppresses the growth of microorganisms. For every liter of Cacao full spectrum concentrate, we use 2 kilograms of cacao husk

Cacao Tincture

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