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Munay Heart Opener bark is a tincture of Calliandra angustifolia. This tincture is made from the fresh bark of Bobinsana. It contains fresh Calliandra angustifolia bark, purified water, and alcohol (64%).

This tincture can not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

The base materials for this extract are sustainably harvested by a befriended Kichwa family in Napo province, Ecuador.


Calliandra angustifolia is a bushy tree that is native to the Amazon rainforest of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. This tree grows abundantly in the Napo province in Ecuador. Bobinsana’s roots run deep. About 7 times as deep as the height of the tree. Its branches are flexible, fibrous, and strong. Due to its deep rootedness and flexibility, Bobinsana is resilient and can withstand harsh weather conditions.


Traditional use:

This plant works on a spiritual and emotional level. It is said that because Bobinsana has such a deep root system, rootedness is part of her personality. It is believed that this trait can give a person strength and resilience in times of turmoil.


Bobinsana has been traditionally used for several purposes:


In Peru, it has been used as a contraceptive for women.

Consuming Bobinsana may make a person dream more vividly. Sometimes it is even referred to as a lucid dream herb.

Indigenous people have used Bobinsana for its anti-rheumatic, and anti-inflammatory properties. However, its effectiveness has not yet been shown in a clinical setting.

Bobinsana is revered for its heart-opening qualities. It can enable a person to release blocked emotions and relieve tension.


Production process:

Immediately after harvest, fresh Bobinsana bark is put into a mixture of alcohol and water. By letting the bark macerate in the mixture for at least three months, the medicinal properties of the bobinsana bark are absorbed by the alcohol and water. To ensure a thorough absorption, the maceration vessels regularly get shaken. This method for making tinctures is simple but time proven. Herbalists have used this method for thousands of years. It requires a minimum amount of processing to come to an effective remedy.

Bobinsana Tincture

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